toddler activities

toddler activities

Good parenting skills do make all the difference

"What are good parenting skills and do you already have them ?
and if not, how do you get them ?"

Well most of it is down to "good old common sense". Only sometimes you can't see the "wood for the trees" (as another old saying goes).

good parenting skills

It takes someone to explain it to us in plain simple language before we look back and think............"that was so obvious".

"I can't believe i didn't see it before". I'm sure you have been there before, I know I have.

Why not check out my Top 10 Parenting Tips here.

Bad parenting skills

Bad parenting skills what are they (does'nt sound good but don't panic), well a quick senario is the time when you think your doing everthing right with your toddler, but your toddler still behaves badly.

So what's going on ?................. why won't they do what you want ?

Well the simple answer is you have picked up a few bad habits and you simply haven't realised. Take a look here at a real life example of bad parenting skills

Does that make you a bad parent ?

"NO" not at all, we all feel like strangling our children at one time or another.

So where's it all going wrong and what can you do about it. If you want a bit more harmony back into your life then take a look here to find some good parenting skills and tips.

Take a look at the "Happy Child Guide" - How To Get Any Child To Stop Misbehavior and Listen

Effective parenting skills

What exactly are effective parenting skills ?

good parenting skills

Mostly we are not born with these skills, we acquire parenting skills as we grow up through experience and advice from our family and friends.

"Your own parents are the strongest influence in developing parenting skills"

Even if your parents were fantastic and you were raised well. That does not mean they were superhuman or born that way. They just worked at it and learned good parenting skills as they went along.

No ones perfect and we all lack in some experience when raising children. We may even at times feel we have bad parenting skills and need a few tips.

Well with the wonder of the "internet" these days I can pass on my advice and experience from being a mother of a teenager

"just as challenging as raising a toddler" but just as rewarding.

and from many years in my job in the front line of child care.So take a look a some more of my effective parenting skills

Schedule for toddlers

You need to create your own schedule for toddlers if you feel the day just passes by and all the things you had planned never seem to get done.

I had many days like that especially when my child was a toddler, so I realised that drastic action was needed and found making a written schedule to get my life back on track worked for me. No two days are going to be exactly the same of cause. However we all have those chores that have to be done come what may. Such as grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning.

Take a look here at some of my tips on coping with your day and print off your own schedule for toddlers chart

. This is another of those good parenting skills we can all improve on.

Toddler potty training

good parenting skills
When it comes to toddler potty training it can seem like a thankless task in the beginning.

It is tempting to just give up with frustration when they just don't seem to be getting the hang of it.

Having to clean up all the time and getting frustrated. So what good parenting skills can you develop to help things move in the right direction. Well take a look here for some of my potty training tips and techniques.

Toddler sleep habits

Toddler sleep habits covers many different situations such as toddler nap time. Then there is the big one toddler bedtime.

good parenting skills

"Is it always a battle of wills when you try to get them into their crib ?"

"Do you just let them fall asleep downstairs then try and sneak them up to bed without waking them ?"

"Maybe they just won't settle and keep screaming the house down?"

Take a look here to get some tips and advice on how I have dealt with improving toddler sleep habits. These are good parenting skills to learn while your toddler is still very young. Get some good sensible advice on your Toddler sleep habits.

Otherwise like the old saying goes "you will make a rod for your own back" if you don't. (I've no idea where that saying came from although I know what it means)

Toddler temper tantrums

So what can you do about toddler temper tantrums, other than beat your child with a big stick (not recommended on this site).

good parenting skills

Well understanding why ? your toddler has temper tantrums is the best place to start.

Once you understand what makes them have toddler behaviour of this kind. Then you can change both your routines to improve life for you both.

This is just another of those good parenting skills we learn. So take a look at some of the "tips and techniques" I have used over the years to better manage toddler temper tantrums.

Toddler Discipline

Toddler discipline and again this is not about beating them with a big stick.

"Although you may feel like it at times"

When your child behaves badly most parents instinct is to yell at them. Saying things like "Don't do that" and "Stop that right now" and even worse "Are you stupid".

It goes without saying albeit I'm going to say it anyway................!

Treating your toddler in a negative way for doing thing you see as being negative. Mostly does not help with solving this kind of toddler behaviour.

So what does work then. Well take a look here and I will show you how I deal with toddler discipline using good parenting skills. So get some more of my toddler discipline tips here

Is your toddler going through the terrible twos ?

Is your toddler driving you crazy no matter what you do ?

Tried everything and listened to everyones advice (they will grow out of it) about how to handle it. ?

Then take a look at what Chris Thompson has to say about how you should be "talking to toddlers". To follow his tips and advice Click Here! and find out what dramatic changes you can expect from your toddler.


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