toddler activities

toddler activities

Easy crafts for kids that will cost you next to nothing

Easy crafts for kids that cost next to nothing or are "completely free" kids crafts.

Take a quick look over these "toddler crafts" below and find one to get you started

Some of these can be FUN crafts for kids as well as being great toddler learning activities. You will find some of these crafts are free coloring print pages.

"Sometimes the simplest toddler activities turn out to be the most popular"

easy crafts for kids

Important notes:

1. All toddlers learn from doing with a little guidance. So let your little one be creative and take the lead.

Let them cut out their own things even if they struggle. Let them draw their own interpretation of what they think the picture should look like.

"They learn so much from trying new things and experimenting"

2. When your child gets involved with any toddler craft activities they should be "supervised at all times".

In these craft activities for kids below there are many small parts. Such as:

  • Small Buttons

  • Stick on Wobbly Eyes

  • Seashells

  • and many other small parts. If your toddler is left unsupervised they may put these in thier mouths. Which could lead to swallowing and possibly choking. So better to be safe and only organize these easy crafts for kids when you can watch over them.

    Great Preschool Christmas Crafts

    Looking for some preschool christmas crafts that your little ones will really enjoy ?

    easy crafts for kids advent calendar

    Looking for some easy christmas crafts for kids that make great presents for family and freinds ?

    Want some kids christmas crafts that won't break the bank ?

    Then read on as you're in the right place as we have some really great easy christmas crafts for kids to enjoy. These toddler craft ideas can be used just for FUN or as presents from them to other family members and freinds.

    Looking for something really traditional for the kids then this Holiday Tree Fabric Advent Calendar is a great idea in such a Hi Tec world.

    You can combine preschool arts and crafts with christmas crafts and end up with some really great presents that will have cost very little or even nothing.

    Your toddlers will feel so proud at having made the presents themselves. Also grandparents especially will treasure a present like this more than a store bought one.

    So take a quick look here for some great ideas for Preschool Christmas crafts

    Paper Crafts for Kids

    easy crafts for kids

    Making paper chains is an easy craft for kids to do with a little help. Also making collage pictures with various every day items is great fun for even the very young children.

    A very simple but big fun one is making and flying paper aeroplanes or how about making paper hats,

    for safety every child needs Melissa & Doug Educational Toy ChildSafe Scissor Set for cutting paper.

    any of these toddler activities help with early child development. So take a quick look here at Paper crafts for kids

    Spring Crafts for Kids

    easy crafts for kids

    The coolest spring crafts for kids that cost next to nothing or are completely free kids crafts. There are:

  • flower and insect pictures

  • spring collages

  • decorating plant pots

  • Find some Art Tissue Paper (100 sheets) like these we used on this plant pot here at We use this for lots of other easy crafts for kids.

    Take a quick look over these Spring crafts for kids here and find one to get you started.

    Easy easter crafts for kids

    easy crafts for kids

    Easter coloring pages with all kinds of easter eggs and easter bunnies. Then the ever popular decorating eggs with paint and sticky stuff great FUN.

    Get a Dozen Mini Kids Watercolor Paint Sets with Brush on

    Also making their own "easter chick" with every day craft materials most of which you can find around the house. so go and take a look at easy easter crafts for kids here.

    Animal Crafts for Kids

    You will find lots of animal coloring pages for your toddler to enjoy coloring for hours here such as:

  • farm animal coloring pages

  • zoo animal coloring pages

  • pets coloring pages

  • Then we have some "printable crafts" for kids with these animal put together puzzles. you print them off and cut them out.

    Make Your Own Animal Puppets Kit here on

    Then your toddler has to try and put the pieces together. These are really easy crafts for kids to enjoy so to see more take a look at animal crafts for kids.

    Edible Crafts for Kids

    easy crafts for kids

    Decorating cakes and buscuits, kids just love doing this kind of stuff.

    "then eating the evidence or making you eat it" :-)

    Let your kids use these Wilton Food Writer Edible Color Markers to draw pictures on cake frosting.

    Then we have making "fruit faces" an easy one for even the youngest toddler. Another great one for helping your little ones to develop there motor skills. Is making cereal and candy lace necklaces and bracelets. so go and take a look at edible crafts for kids here.

    Summer Crafts for Kids

    Find lots of FUN summer coloring pages here, also summer collages made with items you collect during the summer or about summer.

    easy crafts for kids

    "going down to the beech then get collecting as you can make shell pictures when you get back home"

    Then there are messy but fun sand and glue pictures that are easy crafts for kids projects.

    Why not have a go at helping your toddler to make their own butterfly out of every day household items. These are easy crafts for kids that they will just love getting involved with. For the full stoy on summer crafts for kids take a look here.

    Pirate Crafts for Kids

    easy crafts for kids
    The ever popular pirate coloring pages, Then we have some fun pirate printables, such as pirate hats and eye patches.

    How about making your own pirate ship with cartons and boxes. Also some great tips on making your own pirate treasure map. Take a look at pirate crafts for kids for lots of "free stuff".

    Kids Crafts for Fathers Day

    Looking for easy crafts for kids to do for fathers day. Then ask them to "draw my daddy" (does daddy really look like that), also find several fathers day coloring pages.

    Why not get this DADDY and ME Landscape Picture Frame then put your own picture in it. It will make a perfect gift for fathers day.

    Then how about helping your toddler to make a fathers day card using these FREE card templates . Take a look at these kids crafts for fathers day here.

    Nature Crafts for Kids

    easy crafts for kids

    A collage of nature walk so go for a walk with your toddler and get collecting.

    With these free printables you can have fun learning to recognizing different bugs. Also lots of free "bug" and "butterfly" coloring pages to download and color in.

    Then one of the easy crafts for kids you will remember from your childhood the ever favorite "rock painting". Take a look at nature crafts for kids for lots of free stuff to enjoy.

    Bird Crafts for Kids

    easy crafts for kids

    kids just love feeding the birds, So show them how to make their bird feed and treats.

    "Again lots of free downloadable bird coloring pages for you to print off and color in"

    Make a bird collage with pictures and feather you have collected on your walks in the park. These are all easy crafts for kids to get involved with. Take a look at bird crafts for kids for some great ideas.

    Still looking for more simple craft ideas for kids ?

    Then take a look at this book for lots of simple high quality kids craft ideas! from ""

    Easy Halloween crafts for kids

    The coolest easy halloween crafts for kids, that cost next to nothing or are completely free kids crafts. Take a quick look over these toddler crafts below and find one to get you started.

    Want to do a great job with your halloween pumpkin this year. then get this Pumpkin Masters Pumpkin Carving Kit with 12 Patterns & Tools and inpress the heck out of the neighbors.

    Take a look at easy halloween crafts for kids for lots of free stuff to enjoy.


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