toddler activities

toddler activities

Toddler Milestones and early child development

So what are the big toddler milestones to look out for ?

Should I be concerned if my toddler has not reached some of them yet ?

When should my toddler learn to speak ?

You can find the answer to these and many other questions right here!

Toddler milestone 12 Months

At 12 months old some toddlers are starting to get mobile as in walking the furniture. Being watched over constantly is an absolute must.

At this age they are curious about everything they can see. So move dangeruos and breakable items higher up. So be warned take your eye of them for a few seconds and they will go and get what they have seen. Next thing it will either be broken or worse you little one hurt.

Take a look at the full Milestones 12 months page

Toddler milestone 18 Months

I think you have probably worked out by now why children of this age are called "toddlers". Now they have just mastered the early stages of walking They toddle along with a little swing side to side. They are loving the feeedom to go where they want and they just want to go exploring everywhere.

This is the time when you definately need to watch over them every waking minute. As they can and will want to get into everthing they see around them.

Take a look at the full Milestones 18 months page

Toddler milestone 24 Months

At this age your toddler will be showing thier own individual character. They are starting to know exactly what they like and don't like. They are very mobile now and they have thier favorite games and toys which they play with repeatedly.

They want to do new things and and be helpful. However they get frustrated easily if you won't let them for such reasons as safety. They may become upset if they struggle to do something that they have yet to learn the skills for.

Take a look at the full Milestones 24 months page

Toddler milestone 30 Months

Toddler language development is starting to develop far more at 30 months. They will regularly be using two words and sometimes saying complete sentences.

They are still wanting to be independant and your toddler behavior will be impulsive. They see something and want it right then and won't wait. This takes some good parenting skills to manage.

Take a look at the full Milestones 30 months page

Toddler milestone 36 Months

The milestones 30 months mark is a huge step in your toddlers development because of toddler language development. They can now now communicate verbally what they are not happy about.

They can tell you what they like or don't, also what they want to do or don't. So the "terrible twos" are coming to an end and you will see less and less toddler temper tantrums. As they can now tell you whats on their mind rather than just getting frustrated because they could'nt tell you. As a result they become more happy and settled in their toddler behavior.

Take a look at the full Milestones 36 months page

Toddler milestone 48 Months

The milestone 48 months is another big step in early child development. Their toddler language development will be very advanced and they will be able to make themselves understood to most people. However they will still make mistakes with words and sentences that you can correct as you go a long.

Having got lots of praise and encouragement in earlier years will mean their toddler behavior is good and they will be helpful and co-operative.

Take a look at the full Milestones 48 months page

Preschool Safety

Preschool safety is just one of those good parenting skills every mom and dad should be up to speed on. It does not take a lot of time and expence so is easy to do.

Take a look at the full preschool safety check lists page


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