toddler activities

toddler activities

Preschool safety

Preschool safety is just one of those good parenting skills every mom and dad should be up to speed on. It does not take a lot of time and expence so is easy to do.

Quick preschool safety check list

  • Electric socket covers (toddlers poke things into them)
  • Stair gate top and bottom
  • cupboard door catches
  • Fridge door catch
  • Breakable items out of reach (breakable things that may cause harm to your toddler)
  • Stools removed (so they can't move it and stand on to reach things)
  • High chair for kitchen (toddler should be in a high chair while cooking is in progress)
  • No cleaning fluids or medecines in bathroom
  • No hanging electrical cables anywhere (especially electric kettle cables)
  • No hanging blind cords (a child dies almost every day from strangulation)
  • No hanging curtain control cords
  • Fitted fire gaurd (should be locked in place)
  • No small items like coins left lying around (also peanuts, marbles, buttons, small lego)

  • The DO NOT of toddler safety

  • Do not leave burning cigarrettes in ashtrays
  • Do not use tableclothes as a toddler can pull stuff off a table
  • Do not Leave your toddler alone in the bath, even for a minute
  • Do not leave a hot iron unattended
  • Do not have furniture under windows if possible, as children will climb to look out
  • Do not store dangerous household chemicals under the sink, such as bleach, disinfectant, white sprit
  • Do not let your toddler run with a pencil or lolly stick in their mouths
  • The DO of toddler safety

  • Do check there are no hanging cords from blinds or curtains whithin reach of a toddler
  • Do keep all plastic bags away from youner toddlers and teach older toddler to never put a plastic bag over their heads
  • Do check that all toys are safe for your toddler to play with, no sharp bits or loose screws
  • Do turn down the hot water temperature to avoid scolds (about 60 degrees C)
  • Do keep matches and lighters well out of reach
  • Do cover fires and heaters with a gaurd
  • Do buy night clothes, pyjamas that are fire resistant
  • Do have working smoke alarms installed
  • Do teach your toddler the danger of fire
  • Do keep children out of the kitchen when cooking or at least in a high chair
  • Do make sure your toddler can't reach for a hot drink
  • Do test the bath water before you bathe your toddler
  • Do keep all medicines in a locked cupboard
  • Do teach toddlers to not eat berries or other things in the garden/yard
  • Do keep kitchen rubbish and waste away from your toddler
  • Do keep your childs vitamins in a safe place, overdosing is very common
  • Do use safety stickers on large picture windows to avoid broken glass

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