toddler activities

toddler activities

FREE Toddler learning activities
that are really great FUN as well

Lots of FREE toddler learning activities and FREE toddler games for you both to enjoy. These games help a lot with early child development and are just FUN as well.

A lot of these toddler learning activities have Free printable downloads for your personal use. Please feel free to use as many as you want and tell your friends and family as well. All these are great for teaching toddlers about shapes and colors.

toddler learning activities

You will find:

  • toddler jigsaws

  • matching games for kids

  • printable games for kids

  • that you can download for free. These are just really great fun activities for toddlers that are teaching them while they play.

    Here are some of my favorite toddler learning activities for you to try.

    Stacking bricks

    This is one of those really old toddler activities that helps with hand and eye co-ordination. To start with you toddler will just bang the bricks together or on the floor.

    Then eventually they will start to create things by standing one block on top of another. Eventually they will build block towers then knock them down and start again.

    So they are learning motor skills such as hand eye co-ordination and also how to be creative.

    You can also get these blocks with pictures ans letters on to help with early learning. Take a look here on ebay at all the different kinds of you can get.

    Toddler jigsaw puzzles

    This toddler learning activity gets the brain cells really going. These are very simple childs first jigsaws. They have no complicated shapes and very simple toddler pictures to assemble.

    They start with only 6 pieces and go up to 12 piece jigsaws. The best bit is that they are one of many FREE printable games for kids on this site. So download your free printable toddler learning activities here.

    Simply click on any image to download (PDF) straight away then print off.
    toddler learning activities
    12 piece jigsaw
    toddler learning activities
    6 piece jigsaw
    toddler learning activities
    8 piece jigsaw
    toddler learning activities
    8 piece jigsaw
    toddler learning activities
    12 piece jigsaw
    toddler learning activities
    6 piece jigsaw

    Print off your jigsaw then simply cut along the pale grey lines to create your finished jigsaw. You could even laminate it before cutting for a long lasting toddler game.

    Matching picture card games

    These are more FREE printable games for kids that teach your child while they play. These are as the title says matching games. Your toddler has to match the colors or match the shapes. These help you to teach your toddler about learning shapes and learning colors. These are Fun but simple kids learning games

    So cut the page out into squares with a shape on each piece. Then spread them all out on to the table in front of your toddler. Then you have a few toddler activites you can do with these free printables as follows:

  • Put all the red colors into one pile, then the same for each other color.

  • Put all the squares together into one pile, then the same for the other shapes.

  • Put all the shapes with straight edges into one pile

  • Put all the shapes with curved edges into one pile

  • Simply click on any image to download (PDF) straight away then print off.

    toddler learning activities toddler learning activities
    toddler learning activities toddler learning activities2

    I,m sure you never realized how many toddler learning activities you could get from a few simples shapes.

    Toddler Bathtime activities

    You get two for the price of one here so to speak. You get to bath your toddler before bedtime. Also at the same time they get to learn hand eye co-ordination again. you need to provide plastic cups and jugs to allow your toddler to learn how to pour water in and out of these containers.

    It may not seem like much but over time it's amazing how skilled they become without you realising.

    You can also let then use toddler to draw all over the bath. Don't panic though they wipe off easily with a sponge. Then you can find thousands of toddler here on ebay.

    Thread the bobbin

    This is another one of those tradional toddler learning activities thats been played for generations. Simply save finished sewing thread bobbins or ask your family and friends to save them. Then get a length of thin cord and tie a simple knot in one end. Then at the other end of the cord wrap a small amount of tape around as tight as you can. This will stop your cord fraying.

    Now your show your toddler how to thread the cord through the center hole in the bobbin once. Now ask them to thread on a few more bobbins. You'll be surprised how quickly they pick it up. This toddler learing activities game teaches them dexterity and the beginings of how to count.

    Sorting pasta shapes

    This one is good as most of us usually have some dried pasta in the kitchen. It's best with about 3 different lots of shaped pasta. Pour into a big bowl then get your toddler to help with seperating the different pasta shapes into 3 seperate containers.

    Once they have finished the task give them a little treat. Giving your toddler treats after completing little tasks like this or finishing a game or a jigsaw. this reinforces rewards for good behaviour and no treats when they misbehave.

    Sorting buttons

    Yet another of those old traditional favorite toddler learning activities that can keep toddlers amused for hours.

    oddler learning activities

    All the while learning while playing again.

    You can ask then a make a pile of big buttons and a pile of small buttoms. Then to see if they can recognise any colors, ask them to seperate just the black ones

    Then eventually ask them to separate then in to two piles. One pile with two sew holes and one pile with four sew holes. As you can see the possibilities with buttons are endless.

    Just a word of caution with buttons NEVER leave them unattended while playing with buttons as they may swallow one and choke.

    Color Boxes

    This is a simple little toddler learning activity that helps your child learn about colors while having fun. you can also use it as a fun math games for kids.

    Ask your toddler to put the red objects into the red box. Then the other objects into the right color box. Once they get good at doing this kids learning activty. You can ask them to count the number of things in each box after they have finished.

    toddler learning activities

    1. We made these colored boxes using old tissue boxes. Then covered the front and top with colored tissue paper cut to the size of the box using a kids glue stick. Your toddler can help with doing this job.

    After the tissue paper is stuck on the top you will need to cut out for the hole on the top. Then you are almost ready to start playing this toddler learning game.

    toddler learning activities

    2. Then to get started you will need some small objects with colors to match your boxes. We used some things from our toddler crafts stuff. Some colored matchsticks, buttons and minin pom poms.

    You could use anything you have handy. The only things to check is it small enough to fit in the box and is it the right color to match the box. A few small objects for each box is all you need.

    I hope you enjoyed looking over these toddler learing activities and if you have some of your own then please feel free to contribute them for other visitors to enjoy.

    What toddler learning activities do you love doing
    with your little one ?

    Give a quick description of your toddler leaning activity. Then give a list of the things you need to do it.

    Finally tell us the steps you need to do to make it happen. If you have a photo as well that would be great. It can sometimes make all the difference.

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