toddler activities

toddler activities

More Toddler games that are
FUN activities for toddlers

Really FUN toddler games for YOU and THEM.

Great toddler play ideas for little or completely "FREE" preschool activities. So if your toddler is driving you crazy then there's lot of really fantastic toddler play ideas for you both to try here.

toddler games

Hide and seek games

FUN hide and seek games to play with your toddlers. We all know the traditional game of hide and seek,

toddler games

"well these games are especially for toddlers"

They will get them really excited and loving every minute.

They are very simple to play games and I have put the "rules of the games" here so you can have a go for yourselves. So take a look at these Toddler hide and seek games

Driving games for kids

The coolest driving games for kids that includes you and your toddler...

...making your own car

toddler games

This a great game for your toddler to play. You could just sit them on a cushion on the floor and get them to pretend they are going out for a drive. Maybe taking you all over to granma's house. Get them to make all the engine noises and tell you which way they are going.

Or you could make it more interesting and use the "free printables" to create your own car. So take a look here at Driving games for kids

Dinosaur games for kids

The coolest dinosaur games for kids that are great fun and teach them new stuff as well. So what more could you want in a toddler game.

toddler games

"It never ceases to amaze me how many dinosaur names toddlers know"

It puts me to shame and I have taught them for years. You will find a different dinosaur stuff to keep your little one occupied here. So take a look at these dinosaur games for kids.

food games for kids

"The best food games for kids are the simplest to play."

toddler games

Your toddlers will love having a go at these free toddler games. With these toddler games you will be getting them involved with toddler learning activities without them even realizing.

So go and take a look at these simple printable kids games and have some fun watching your toddler learn new stuff while playing. To see how it all works take a look at food games for kids here.

Fun outdoor games for kids

I'm sure your toddler just loves going to the park or to be more exact going to the "Toddler Playground" at the park.

Any of these Fun outdoor games for kids are great for toddler outdoor play. Just make sure you use the right toddler outdoor clothing such as hats for the summer. Also sun block for kids if again it's a sunny day.

You don't have to spend any money for most of these toddler games. You can add some toddler outdoor toys if you want and kids outdoor playsets such as slides and swings along with paddling pools. They obviously love this stuff to play with but they still love to play games with others. This helps so much with thier social skills and early child development.

Take a look at these fun outdoor games for kids

Learning games for kids

These games are teaching toddlers while they have FUN. These toddler games are mostly free games for kids. As you can find most of the things you need around your home.

You will also find some are also FREE printable games for kids that teach free preschool activities. So they will be learning shapes and different colors.

There are also free printable kids games that teach about "matching" and things that belong "together". So take a look here and you and your toddler can have some fun with these Learning games for kids


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