toddler activities

toddler activities

Learning games for kids that are really fun!

Really FUN learning games for kids that YOU BOTH can enjoy.

Great toddler games ideas for little or completely "FREE" These preschool activities are reallt great for teaching toddlers. So if your toddler is driving you crazy then there's lot of really fantastic toddler games for you both to try here.

What's in the box ?

This is a simple game that get your toddler thinking about how different things feel. Different textures to the touch and how they handle when touched.

The aim of the game is to put their hand in to each box without looking in and then guess what's in each box in turn. You ask them to feel in the red box or the green box. So they are having to think about colors as well as what they are feeling.
learning games for kids

You will need 3 empty tissue boxes or similar that you cover with different colored tissue paper. Your little one can help with this as it is all stuck on with a kids glue stick.

Next cut some squares out of the tissue paper the size of the front and top of the box. You don't need to cover all the sides. Then cut out the whole on the top.

You can put almost anything in the boxes for them to feel and quess at. In the photo here we used cotton wool, Shredded paper and rice crispie cereal. You can play this learning game for kids with different things everytime or keep adding old stuff that your toddler struggles to identify.

Shapes Games for kids:

These kids card games are another great idea for helping toddlers to learn some simple shapes. To see if very young toddlers understand matching shapes print out 2 copies. Then cut out the shapes from one print out.

Then place the uncut sheet in front of your toddler then give them the cut outs and ask them to put the right shape on top of each other. Again this is a very simple way of getting them to understand that there are different shapes even if they don't yet know the shape names. To get your free printables click on any image below.

kids card games kids card games
kids card games kids card games

You could also print off one copy of each color. Then ask your toddler to put all the same color shapes together in piles. This will help with their color recognition as well as learning shapes. So 2 games for the price of one...a big fat ZERO :-)

Sorting buttons

Yet another of those old traditional favorite toddler learning activities that can keep toddlers amused for hours.

All the while learning while playing again you can ask them to make:
oddler learning activities

  • A pile of big buttons

  • A pile of small buttoms

  • Pick out the blue buttons

  • A pile of buttons with 2 sew holes

  • A pile of buttons with 4 sew holes

  • As you can see the learning games for kids possibilities with buttons are endless.

    Just a word of caution with buttons NEVER leave them unattended while playing with buttons as they may swallow one and choke.


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