toddler activities

toddler activities

Finger foods for toddlers the easy way
with some great toddler recipes

Some delicious finger foods for toddlers that can be served up in minutes.

"These are really great for busy moms and dads"

These kids recipes will get you off to a flying start and make toddler mealtimes more of a breeze.

finger foods for toddlers

These toddler recipes are "super simple" but provide lots of the vitamins and minerals a growing healthy toddler needs. Toddlers dietry intake needs are different than for us adults.

Where we may aviod "sugars and fats" to keep our weight down

Toddler diets need more of these to help with growing and early child development.

All the portion sizes below are just for example. You may find your toddler is not a big eater, that's fine and don't worry. They will just eat what they need and get a lot of calories from their drinks as well.

Try and introduce foods of different colors and textures to your child. With a bit of experimentation you will find things they like to eat and some they don't.

Toddler finger food recipes

1. Toasted fruit loaf slices: cut in to slices (I call them soilders)

Cheese chunks

Apple slices

finger foods for toddlers

2. Jelly (Jam)sandwich soilders: cut in to slices (On wholemeal or white bread)



finger foods for toddlers

With a drink of milk for calcium to build strong healthy teeth and bones.

3. Bread sticks: with Cheese dips

Cherry tomatoes

Oranges segments and pear slices

finger foods for toddlers

4. Pitta bread wraps: filled with any meats (Cut into bite size pieces)

Cucumber slices

Tomatoe slices

finger foods for toddlers

5. Cheese strips: with Bread and butter soilders

Melon chunks


finger foods for toddlers

Also a cup of water to drink. It is important to give your toddler regular drinks during the day. Water and milk are best but the occasional juice drink is fine. They may not drink a lot but a little and often is fine.

Your toddler will probably like a nice warm drink in the evening. A treat might be hot chocolate in the evening.

"These finger foods for toddlers recipes can be used for any meal of the day"

These are healthy recipes for toddlers and contain many of the viamins and minerals they need in their diet. Also they give your toddler enough fats and sugar.

I hope these recipes for toddlers help to make your toddler mealtimes go that little bit smoother.


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