toddler activities

toddler activities

Hide and seek games for toddlers

Free hide and seek games to play with your toddlers. We all know the traditional game of hide and seek.

"Well these games are especially for toddlers."

They will get them really excited and loving every minute. They are very simple to play games and I have put the rules of the games here so you can have a go for yourselves.

hide and seek games

Hunt the teddy

Simply choose your toddlers favorite teddy or other soft toy. Then hide it some where in your living room.

Somewhere that's not too easy to find but at their level. If you can hide it in something or under it, but a place they can get to.

Obviously get them to stand just outside the room for a minute so you can hide teddy. Then ask them to come back in and then tell them before you start the game. This is how it works

When you are moving further away from where teddy is hiding I will say you are getting

...Colder (talking quitely)

Then when you are getting closer to teddy I will say you are getting

...Warmer (talking louder)

Then if you are very close to teddy I will say you are getting

...Red Hot (talking very loud)

After hide the teddy game

Maybe you can give your toddler a little treat when they find teddy. It goes without saying you give them a big round of applause and tell them how good they are at this game.

The beauty of saying cold, warm and red hot is it help your toddler find the teddy quickly. Children at this age have short attention spans and will loose interest quickly in any toddler activities if they don't get some feedback.

I know it's a very simple toddler game but believe me they will love it, just try and see. You will get tired of it before they do.

Goldilocks and the tree bears hiding game

Another fun teddy bear hiding toddler game is:

  • Which box is daddy bear hiding in ?
  • Which box is mummy bear hiding in ?
  • Which box is baby bear hiding in ?
  • You will need to do a little preperation for this game and need a few things. So a list of stuff you will need to get together. Most of which you should be able to aquire for little or nothing.

  • 4 Medium size boxes (cardboard or plastic) that you can't see inside.
  • 3 Teddy bears, big, medium and small
  • 1 Doll (preferably with blond hair)
  • Now you will need to give your toddlers some clues to help them guess which box they are in.

    Cut out some pictures from magazines of things that relate to men, but don't show men in the picture. For example a football, razor or tie. You get the idea and repeat this for mummy, baby and Goldilocks.

    You want 3 or 4 pictures for each character in a box. You now place a picture in front of each appropriate box. Then ask the kids to guess who's in each box.

    Don't tell them yet even if they are right. place another picture in front of each box and ask the kids to guess again. Then repeat again and ask if they want to change thier minds.

    Now open the boxes and see who was hiding in each box.

    This hide and seek gam for toddlers is all about them learning about things that are related. They will begin to understand that certain things are related to other things.

    Bigger - Smaller...Younger - Older...Male...Female !

    So a really fun toddler game while being great learning games for kids.


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