toddler activities

toddler activities

Toddler Milestones 48 Months

So what are the big toddler milestones 48 months to look out for ?

Should I be concerned if my toddler has not reached some of the milestones yet ?

You can find the answer to these and many other questions right here!

The toddler milestone 48 months is another big step in early child development. Their toddler language development will be very advanced and they will be able to make themselves understood to most people. However they will still make mistakes with words and sentences that you can correct as you go a long.

Having got lots of praise and encouragement in earlier years will mean their toddler behavior is good and they will be helpful and co-operative.

Your child will now be very sociable and enjoy playing with other children regularly. They will have a mind of their own and will tell you and the other children what they want to play.

They are now very independant and will be feeding themselves and getting dressed and undressed themselves. They enjoy spending lots of time with adults who make time for them and encourage them.

At this age a lot of children are spending some time in daycare of some kind. Either a mother toddler playgroup, nursery or creche. They will benefit from interacting with other children and learning about friendships.

They will also be doing structured activities that are designed as toddler learning activities. So even though they don't realise it they will be learning new things.

A lot of children will be starting at school later this year. It is a big transition in a childs life and they need to be told how much fun and exciting it will be.

Quick list of things you might see at toddler milestones 48 months

  • Will engage in conversation with adults
  • Interested in activities and helping adults
  • Is now bending with the knees to pick up objects from the floor
  • Skills with catching, kicking and playing with various size balls
  • Will draw making it more defined like a boy or a girl
  • Able to leave their parents for several hours and settle into a routine such as daycare (after a settling in period)
  • Learning to get along with other children without too much squabbling
  • Likes to please adults and get praise
  • Starting to make special friends
  • Likes to ask questions about lots of things and enjoys talking
  • Games where they pretend to be grownups
  • Toddler outdoor play such as riding on trikes, kicking a ball and going to the toddler playground
  • Able to draw pictures you can recognize, such as my house, a car or a flower
  • Gross motor skills such as using scissors, and pouring
  • Having a greater attention span when something interests them
  • Liking to sing toddler songs and nursery rhymes

  • Quick list of things a child requires at the toddler milestones 48 month

  • Time to play with other children
  • Help and instruction when they need it
  • Opportunity to try new things as much as possible such as preschool arts and crafts.
  • Time toddler outdoor play as well as indoors
  • Making time for preschool books
  • Using things like number coloring pages and preschool alphabet activities such as alphabet coloring sheets
  • Parents who act as good role models for their children to copy
  • Taking time to chat and listen with your child
  • Lots of praise and encouragement to build your childs self esteem
  • A child friendly environment to live and play safely

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