toddler activities

toddler activities

Toddler Milestones 36 months

So what are the big toddler milestones 36 months to look out for ?

Should I be concerned if my toddler has not reached some of the milestones yet ?

You can find the answer to these and many other questions right here!

The toddler milestones 30 months mark is a huge step in your toddlers development because of toddler language development. They can now now communicate verbally what they are not happy about.

They can tell you what they like or don't, also what they want to do or don't. So the "terrible twos" are coming to an end and you will see less and less toddler temper tantrums. As they can now tell you whats on their mind rather than just getting frustrated because they could'nt tell you. As a result they become more happy and settled in their toddler behavior.

Now they can use language more and more they start to really play with other children and can communicate what they want to do with each other. This in turn leads to understanding others needs and learning to share.

This is a time when they start to develop relationships with other children and start to have their first friends. They now mostly like to play with other children and look forward to going to preschool activities with other children and to daycare nursery.

Your child will now be happier to leave their parents for a few hours. As they understand they will be coming back to collect them later. They also feel more comfortable as they can talk with other adult and children around them.

Quick list of things you might see at toddler milestones 36 months

  • Will climb and jump
  • Walks backwards and other angles with confidence
  • Will ride a trike and pedal around
  • Can walk on tip toe
  • Has prefered hand when using pens or crayons
  • Is now building bigger small block towers, 10 or more
  • May now start naming colors
  • Now saying full name and age
  • Lots of questions usually where, why (especially why) and how
  • Repeats nursery rhymes
  • Eats with a knife, fork and spoon with confidence
  • Enjoys helping adults (enjoy while it lasts)
  • Lots of make believe play
  • A lot of children have learned to use the tiolet
  • Like to dress up and play make believe games
  • Like to play with small world toys, animals, dolls and teddy bears
  • Love helping their parents and trying to copy what they do
  • Starting to interact with other children when they play
  • Able to use stairs well without assistance
  • Like to do scribble pictures and finger painting
  • Like to use a sand and water table for play
  • Can now speak clearly for most people to understand

  • Quick list of things a child requires at the toddler milestones 36 month

  • As many opportunities to play with other children
  • Lots of praise and encouragement to build self esteem
  • Lots of new things to play with that introduce textures and smells.
  • Given the freedom to choose what they want to play with as often as they want
  • A varied range of toddler activities (even though they will have their favorite)

  • Time for toddler outdoor play as well as indoors
  • A good range of picture books and kids coloring pages
  • Parents who are good role models (remember monkey see, monkey do) kids copy
  • A child friendly and safe home that lets your toddler learn to be independant

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