toddler activities

toddler activities

Edible crafts for kids that will cost you next to nothing

The coolest edible crafts for kids, that cost next to nothing or are completely free kids crafts. Take a quick look over these toddler crafts below and find one to get you started.

Some of these can be fun crafts for kids as well as being great toddler learning activities. You will find some of these crafts are free coloring print pages. Sometimes the simplest toddler activities prove to be the most popular.

Decorating Buscuits

This is a fun little edibler craft that takes no time at all to organize. Very simple and very tasty little treats that everyone can enjoy eating.

edible crafts for kids 1. This picture shows what you need to complete this craft activity.
  • Icing sugar

  • Jug of water

  • Plain buscuits

  • Various sprinkles and candy for toppings
  • edible crafts for kids 2. Next mix your icing sugar with a little water get your toddler to mix. You want the icing sugar to be a touch on the runny side. This is so your toddler can use a teaspoon to spread it with easily.
    edible crafts for kids 3. Finally let your toddler sprinkle and place the topping ingredients anyway they please. Then put in the fridge for a while to set the icing. Then the best part eating after dinner.

    Edible necklace or bracelet

    edible crafts for kids 1. You will only need two things for this edible craft.

  • A packet of candy laces (liquorice)

  • Some loop cereal (Any flavor)
  • edible crafts for kids 2. To start the ball rolling you need to thread on the first loop for your toddler. Then tie a knot to hold it in place. Make this close to one end but not too close. This will act as a stopper for all the other loops so they don't stip off the other end.
    edible crafts for kids 3 . Now your little one can thread on lots of the cereal loops to make their edible neck lace. This easy toddler craft helps to build hand eye co-ordination in your toddler. You can make a shorter one and use it as an edible craft bracelet.

    The important thing is to just have some fun. For your toddler it's not the end result that matters but the doing they get the most from. You will find lots of free stuff for you and your toddler to enjoy on this site so have a good look around.

    What edible craft activities do you love doing with your little one ?

    If you're like me your always looking for new stuff to do with your little one. That's probably why your on this website, right ?

    So why not pick up some great new ideas here and share your edible craft ideas here. I know other parents will thank you for it.

    Tell us what you and your little one like about this edible craft activity the most.

    Also give us a list of the things needed to complete this toddler craft activity.

    Then put some simple step by step "how to do" this kids craft idea. Do you have a great story about this? Share it!


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