toddler activities

toddler activities

pirate crafts for kids that will cost you next to nothing

The coolest pirate crafts for kids, that cost next to nothing or are completely free kids crafts. Take a quick look over these toddler crafts below and find one to get you started.

Some of these can be fun crafts for kids as well as being great toddler learning activities. You will find some of these crafts are free coloring print pages. Sometimes the simplest toddler activities prove to be the most popular.

Important Note:

When your child gets involved with any toddler craft activities they should be supervised at all times. In many craft activities for kids there are many small parts. If your toddler is left unsupervised they may put these in thier mouths. Which could lead to swallowing and possibly choking. So better to be safe and only organize these pirate crafts for kids when you can watch over them.

Pirate coloring pages

This is one of the most popular toddler activities going. They just seem to love coloring with crayons and pencils. So let them loose with these pirate coloring pages.

pirate coloring pages pirate coloring pages pirate coloring pages

Free pirate printables

Take a look at the free pirate printables just below just waiting to be printed off and cut out.

Free printable hats. Click on the links below to download these printable hats then cut out and stick with tape. Just jollow these simple instructions below to make.

paper crafts for kids paper crafts for kids paper crafts for kids

Pirate hat 1
paper crafts for kids
Pirate hat 2
paper crafts for kids

1. Click on any image then print off onto thin card.

2. Cut out your chosen hat following the top black line.

3. Then cut the black lines on both sides at the bottom (don't cut all the way across)

4. Now use some sticky tape and attach the strip of paper to one side.

5. Now wrap around your childs head then stick the other end.

Make your own pirate treasure map

A great little pirate crafts for kids to do. Pirate treasure maps are easy and fun to make just follow these instruction below.

1. Take a plain white sheet of paper and let your toddler draw some stuff on the paper. It really doesn't matter to much what.

2. Now you need to get your toddler to draw a big cross somewhere on the page. This is where the hidden treasure is buried.

3. Now get a baking tray and fill a little with cold tea or coffee. Next lay your new treasure map in the baking tray and let it soak up the liquid.

4. Then finally you need to lift out your treasure map and peg it up somewhere to dry out. Then you will have a genuine pirate treasure map to go with all the other pirate stuff on this page.

Remember lots of praise for your toddler as it's the best pirate treasure map you've ever seen. It works wonders with their confidence and self esteem.

Make a pirate ship

You will need to collect a few bits and pieces in advance for this pirate project. You should have most of this stuff to hand at home so it should cost little or nothing. See the picture to get an idea of what you will need.

Oh nearly forgot you will need to print off the pirate accessories sheet to complete this project. Just click here to get your free printable pirate ship stuff.

1.The first thing is to create the hull of your pirate ship. This one is made out of a 6 egg carton which is wrapped around with the hull planking print out. This is glued into place

2. Then next use some drinking straws for the ships masts. Use a poined object to make some holes in the top of the egg carton. Then open the egg carton up. and put a blob of play dough on the bottom under the holes. This is to steady the drinking straw masts.

3.Next cut out the sails for your pirate ship. then cut small slots where marked for the mast to pass through the sails. Now fit onto the masts as in the picture.

4.Now your toddler can go on a pirate adventure to find the hidden treasure. the base.

This project pirate crafts for kids will need some help from mom or dad. Even so let your toddler do as much as possible (don't get carried away and do it all yourself). Especially when it comes to using the glue (they just love sticking stuff).

Important note: All toddlers learn from doing with a little guidance. So let your little one be creative and take the lead. Let them cut out their own things even if they struggle. Let them draw their own interpretation of what they think the picture should look like. They learn so much from trying new things and experimenting.

What pirate craft activities do you love doing with your little one ?

If you're like me your always looking for new stuff to do with your little one. That's probably why your on this website, right ?

So why not pick up some great new ideas here and share your pirate craft ideas here. I know other parents will thank you for it.

Tell us what you and your little one like about this pirate craft activity the most.

Also give us a list of the things needed to complete this toddler craft activity.

Then put some simple step by step "how to do" this kids craft idea.

More pirate crafts for kids ideas!

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