toddler activities

toddler activities

Bad parenting skills

Do you have bad parenting skills and if so what can you do about it ?

If you think this might be you, then good..........!


Don't worry I,m not saying good to being a bad parent, what I am saying is good you think you might not be doing some parenting things as well as you could and you can see that.

bad parenting skills

Unfortunately really terrible parents never seem to see themselves that way. It's always their childs fault, little jimmy's always been a bad kid. I've tried everthing you know. He must just be a bad un.

Well come on in and pull up a chair and join the rest of us (that includes me). We all seem to struggle from time to time with knowing what good parenting skills are how develop them and use them in the real world. I think we all learn by example rather than just reading do this and then do that and that's how it works. Except very often it doesn't work just like that when your dealing with your toddler behaviour in your real day to day life.

So take a look below at some examples of bad toddler behaviour and even worse, bad parenting skills.

Take a look at the "Happy Child Guide" - How To Get Any Child To Stop Misbehavior and Listen

Real life examples with advice on parenting toddlers

Bad parenting skills in the supermarket

Picture this your in the supermarket doing your weekly grocery shopping. You then hear a toddler screaming blue murder. You then hear the toddlers mother yell just as loud "shut your mouth you little "*@#?!" (leave that to your imagination).

The toddler carries on screaming even loader (you didn't believe it possible) then starts messing with things in the shopping cart. They are sat in the seat on the cart to keep them out of trouble. That's what mom thought until war broke out. Her little angel is know using her grocries in the cart as grenades and hurling them across the store. At the same time screaming I want, I want, I want (I'm sure you've discovered toddlers are very good at multi tasking).

By this time the next step is mom either giving in to her little ones demands and buying them off to keep the peace (Classic bad parenting skills in action). Or mom's little angel has a thick ear. Either way neither are in a very sunny mood (and that's putting it mildly).

So in conclusion the toddler was either bought off or beat on, neither a good day at the park. So what's the answer, how can you avoid supermarket melt down with your little angel.

Mostly toddlers create havoc because they are bored and feel they are being ignored. So the answer is to involve them in what your doing. Before you leave for the super market chat to them about where your going and what your going to do when you get there. Talk about the things you will be buying for dinner.

A great way to get them involved is well before you go to the supermarket make a list. Not any old list but a picture list of items your toddler will recognise easily. You can make this into a game in the morning before you go or the day before. Cut out pictures of your shopping items from the supermarket offers papers and promotional literature. Then use some glue to stick them to a sheet of white paper.

Now make a big thing of not forgeting the picture list as you leave to do your shopping. Talk to your toddler about the things on their list. Explain it's their job to look for these items and to tell mommy when they spot them.

This activity is all about getting your child involved in what's happen around them. Remember as much as the worlds an exciting new place for toddlers. They have short attention spans at this age so need to given tasks that engage them as much as possible. They need to feel they are at the center of whatevers going on.

Toddlers thrive on praise and encouragement so give it to them. Say they are "good helpers" and "what a good job you've done". Praise reinforces positive behaviour in your toddler. You will still have the odd toddler tantrun but hey that's life. What I can say for definate is you will have a lot less problems on shopping trips when you actively think about involving and engaging your little one. This suggestion and other similar ones are so easy to do and enjoyable for you both. So why go down the road of bad parenting skills when no one wins.

Is your toddler going through the terrible twos ?

Is your toddler driving you crazy no matter what you do ?

Tried everything and listened to everyones advice (they will grow out of it) about how to handle it. ?

Then take a look at what Chris Thompson has to say about how you should be "talking to toddlers". To follow his tips and advice Click Here! and find out what dramatic changes you can expect from your toddler.


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