toddler activities

toddler activities

Toddler sleep habits can make all the difference

The best toddler sleep habits come with good parenting skills that ANY parent can learn.

So if your toddler wont sleep or if your toddler sleep patterns are erratic. Then these "tips and techniques" will help you both get a good nights sleep.

toddler sleep habits

Toddler routine

This is a biggie you need to get your toddler into a routine. They need to have a set toddler bedtime and stick to it. Somewhere around 7 to 7.30pm is good for your toddler.

This means they won't be over tired and irratable. your toddler will get used to this routine after a couple of weeks and start to settle down.

Toddler Bathtime

After their evening meal it's time for their daily bath. Toddlers need to know that at certain times certain things happen (routine). It makes them feel safe and comfortable knowing what comes next.

Not having this makes them feel unsettled and is not good when you are getting them ready for bedtime.

So having a bath before bedtime not only gets them clean, and they will definately need it after eating. It is such an important part of your toddlers routine (I can't stress this strongly enough) and the start of building towards

.......... "the best kind of toddler sleep habits".

Having a bath relaxes them and sets them on the next step of putting on their toddler pyjamas ready for bed.

You can introduce new and FUN stuff into your toddler bathtime. Kids bubble bath is almost an essential item as it gets your little one clean and they just love to play with the bubbles. Also bath toys are another "can't do without" item and really good fun and make having a bath something they really want to do.

Simply splashing in the water and learning to feel comfortable with it are so important

You could even give your kids some bath crayons and let them be creative even at bathtime. They can draw all over the bath with these then you can wipe it all off with a sponge. So as you can see bathtime is so important as part of your toddler sleep habits and for many other reasons.

Toddler Stories

This is the next step in getting ready to go to sleep. So a calming story that will help them relax and feel good. So fairy tails or short shories with happy endings are the order of the day.

Another good idea is to teach them a nursery rhyme that you can do together. Often the old ideas are still the best.

soothing toddler music

If your toddler struggles to settle down, then some soothing toddler music on low in the background will help them to drift off to sleep.

childrens night lights

Again a lot of toddlers don't like the dark so you can leave the door open a little with the landing light on. The other option is to use a childrens night light. This gives them a sense of security and helps them on their way.

toddler sleep problems

You are bound to have toddler sleep problems at one time or another all parents do. So remember to stick to their regular routine.

It gives them a sense of security when things happen as they expect. Often problems arise when a toddlers routine is broken. This then affects their sleep habits, often without even realising it. So a favorite toy or blanket can help with as mentioned earlier "toddler music" on low and a night light.

toddler night terrors

There is no one reason your toddler has nightmares. It can be because they have watched something on tv or they have had their routine broken somehow. Other things that can set it off are just feeling unwell or being upset and stressed about something that happened earlier in the day.

So still stick to the your toddler sleep habits routine but offer a lot more comfort and stay with them longer reading them a toddler story with a happy ending. That will probably be enough to help them settle. What you want to avoid is your child moving to your bed to sleep with you. It can seem like an easy solution at the time when you are all tired.

I'm sure you have heard the old saying "making a rod for your own back".

if you start putting your child in with you to sleep it then become twice as hard to get them to sleep back in their own bed. So try and persevere and try and make then settle back down in their own bed. They need to feel safe and comfortable in thier bed in their own room. By sleeping with you it is only delaying that feeling.

Toddler sleep patterns

This is very simple to say, but sometimes very difficult to stick to on a real day. Stick to it you must if you want a happy house (mostly).

  • This covers the time they go to bed not too late or they will get over tired and struggle to settle.

  • Don't let them sleep in too late or they will upset their routine and yours later in the day and become irritable.

  • Then there is the toddler nap time, agian part of the toddler sleep habits they need to get used to.

    It's best to have some quiet time around 12.30 to 1pm.

    Try and get them to sleep if you can on a toddler nap mat or some cushions. If they won't settle then get them to lie on a sofa while you read them a story. If they don't have their nap or quiete time getting into their toddler sleep habits routine. They will become irritable halfway through the afternoon and start to be naughty.

    Looking for more ideas on helping your toddler sleep ?

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