toddler activities

toddler activities

toddler temper tantrums

The best solution to toddler temper tantrums is to first understand why they have them. Sounds simple doesn't it.

Well it is really, there are a few things you can change that will make some really big improvements in your toddler behavior.

toddler temper tantrums

So let me show you some of the big areas that will help you straight away deal with your toddler tantrums. There are many reasons why they get upset but there are a few effective parenting skills that will help you deal with and improve things right away.

No.1 If your child is nearly 3 years or older then good they will soon be growing out of these tantrums. It usually affects toddlers between 2 to 3 years (known as the terrible two's). It's just your childs way of expressing emotions they can't yet put into words. (usually starts again when they become teenagers :-) sorry I know it's depressing.

Solution : Nothing just be happy it's nearly over, otherwise take a look below

No.2 If they are feeling alone, sad or unwell they will be more prone to having a toddler temper tantrum to get your attention. In these cases using distraction works a lot of he time. By discraction I mean playing a game with them, helping them color a picture, reading them a favorite story. Taking their mind of what upset them.

Solution : Easy just try and make a little more regular time to spend with your toddler. Give them lots of praise and rewards (even just a hug and a kiss). They will become more confident and grow more independant. when making lunch give them little tasks like putting their cup and spoon on the table, or just helping to pick up toys. Then build them up with little comments like "your the best helper in the world". In a nut shell work on their self esteem.

Take a look at the "Happy Child Guide" - How To Get Any Child To Stop Misbehavior and Listen

No.3 Wanting to be independant such as feed themselves or not wanting to sit in their high chair. Not wanting to sit in their stroller and get out and run around when out.All these are triggers for toddler temper tantrums.

Solution : You don't want them to feed themselves because more food ends up on the floor and them than in their mouths. Letting them do it when they show an interest means they will learn how to do it properly so much quicker. Just make a little more food than they need to eat and have a lot of wet wipes at the ready. Also don't shout at them when they start throwing food on the floor as they will. Just discract them and encourage them to put the spoon in their mouth.

Obviously you have to put your toddler in their high chair when your trying to get lunch or dinner ready sometimes. Especially when there is no one else around to watch them. So put the chair where they can see you. Then talk to them and ask them questions to keep their mind occupied, make faces, play games. They just want out of the high chair because it's boring and they want to do something anything more interesting.

When out and about with your toddler in their stroller use child reins. So when they want to get out and run about they can within limits. If they still play up, then you tell them they will have to go back into their stroller. They soon calm down and enjoy thier freedom. The trick is to talk to them in a firm voice but don't shout. Also get down to their level and get eye contact as this shows them you mean business.

No.4 Toddler temper tantrums often occur when your toddler is hungry or tired they often get misrable and unco-operative. They don't realise it's happening to them they just feel it.

Solution : The answers in your hands keep your toddler routine going. Meals at set times and an afternoon nap (but not all afternoon or you'll pay the price later).

No.5 They just simply want your attention, some toddlers are more demanding than others. Some are very independant and can play on their own for hours. Some can't last longer then 5 minutes.

Solution : Give them the attention they want as much as possible. During this time get them doing activities that will build their confidence and self esteem. You can ask them to help with tidying or get them to do regular picture coloring. then tell them how lovely it is and put it up on the wall or refridgerator door. These kind of activities are something they can do themselves. So teaching them how to be independant will reduce your toddler temper tantrums a lot.

These tips on dealing with toddler temper tantrums are just good parenting that skills will definately improve things for you both. How much depends on how much you work it and your toddlers character. Bear in mind though that no matter how much you work at it they will have the occasional tantrum regardless just to keep you on your toes).

After all mommies and daddies have tantrums as well don't we.......hmmm! (and we're the grownups, yeh right)

Is your toddler going through the terrible twos ?

Is your toddler driving you crazy no matter what you do ?

Tried everything and listened to everyones advice (they will grow out of it) about how to handle it. ?

Then take a look at what Chris Thompson has to say about how you should be "talking to toddlers". To follow his tips and advice Click Here! and find out what dramatic changes you can expect from your toddler.


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