toddler activities

toddler activities

Top tips for effective parenting skills

The most effective parenting skills are the simplest to use, so it's easy to see big improvements in your toddlers behaviour in a very short time. The trick is for you and your toddler to not slip back into your bad habits. So take a look below at the main areas that I consider to be important in helping you and your toddler communicate better.

effective parenting skills

I hit the nail right on the head when I said "communicate" this is the answer to most of your toddler problems. Even though you may think you are being clear when saying something to your toddler. So why doesn't it seem to work the way you want ?

Step 1: Communicate with your toddler

  • Well the answer lies in not only what you say but the way you say it, so.

  • Remain calm don't get upset and excitable as this reflects on the way your toddler responds. After all if you fly off the handle when something goes wrong. That's how they think they should deal with things when they get stressed.

  • Making eye contact is very important, so make sure they look at you. Ask them too and go down to their level. This so important even if you have to ask them several times and follow their eyes to get them to look at you. We all comminicate better when we look someone in the eye.

  • Don't raise your voice but do speak in a firm voice when the occasion demands. There is a big difference between being overbearing and being fair but firm. If nessasary repeat yourself but don't shout, speak slowly and simply so there is no misunderstanding.
  • Take a look at the "Happy Child Guide" - How To Get Any Child To Stop Misbehavior and Listen

    Step 2: Building your toddlers self esteem

  • Sounds obvious but giving praise and encouragement on a regular basis. We can all do this a little more. A well done and a hug for putting something in the bin, or an aren't you clever for doing a simple task such as putting their plate and spoon on the table at meal time.

  • Giving your toddler rewards for good behaviour or for simply helping (picking up toys). Rewards don't have to be candy or icecream they can be just a "well done" or a thank you and a big hug. Maybe even a trip to the park later that day would enough.

  • Step 3: Toddler routine

  • Doing the same things at the same time each day gives your toddler a sense of security. Such as as set mealtimes.

  • Regular nap times and toddler bedtimes help to keep everything running smoothly. I can't begin to tell you how effective parenting skills like this make such a huge difference. Regular sleep times help enormously with your childs behaviour. A tired toddler is a grumpy unco-operative toddler.

  • Regular potty training times even when they don't show any interest in being ready to go. This helps in so many ways such as eventually being able to plan trips out to the park or shopping. Knowing they propbably won't need to go while your out. Having said that be prepared for little mishaps.

  • Step 4: Consistency

  • All the above effective parenting skills will start to fall apart very quickly. That is if your not consistent with all of the above. Don't keep changing the rules every time your toddler has a tantrum. Stick to the plan and let them know it. They will soon learn that your fair but firm and won't give in, so stop playing up as much.

  • Saying what you really mean and keeping it very simple. Toddlers don't always uderstand what you mean when you say something. So keeping it short and simple helps avoid communication problems.

  • Meaning what you say, so there are consequences if your toddler does not behave well. Don't say you will put them in bed, then don't do it. Little ones are very quick to pick up on inconsistency. So use this effective parenting skill all the time.

  • Toddler discipline is nessasary sometimes so be prepared on what you will do. No I don't mean beating them with a stick when i say toddler discipline. I mean for example taking a toy off your child if they are misbehaving. Only take it away for a minute or two though then give it them back. Saying I'm taking it away for the day doesn't mean anything to a toddler. They have little concept of time. Also don't keep repeating how badly behaved they have been.
  • I hope these effective parenting skills help you and your toddler have far happier time in the future.

    Is your toddler going through the terrible twos ?

    Is your toddler driving you crazy no matter what you do ?

    Tried everything and listened to everyones advice (they will grow out of it) about how to handle it. ?

    Then take a look at what Chris Thompson has to say about how you should be "talking to toddlers". To follow his tips and advice Click Here! and find out what dramatic changes you can expect from your toddler.


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