toddler activities

toddler activities

Toddler Discipline Tips

Toddler discipline and again this is not about beating them with a big stick.

"Although you may feel like it at times"

When your child behaves badly most parents instinct is to yell at them. Saying things like "Don't do that" and "Stop that right now" and even worse "Are you stupid".

It goes without saying albeit I'm going to say it anyway................!

toddler discipline

Treating your toddler in a negative way for doing thing you see as being negative. Mostly does not help with solving this kind of toddler behaviour.

So what does work then. Well take a look here and I will show you how I deal with toddler discipline using good parenting skills. So get some more of my toddler discipline tips here

The thing to remember is that toddlers are not usually "naughty" just to make your life difficult. It is their way of communicating what they want and feel. With very young children they have not developed the language and skills needed to tell you what they want or how they feel.

Toddler behavior

So toddlers often let you know they have a problem with the way they behave, and boy are they good at it. Temper tantrums get your attention very quickly.

So giving lots of attention to your little one and giving lots of praise and love to them when they need it. This will help to calm them far more than yelling and criticizing.

Most parents find that toddlers between 2 and 3 years old are at there worst for tantrums. So don't despair it will come to pass before you know it.

Even though your child is growing up into a little person and they no longer seem like a baby any more. They still have some baby left in them so be patient with them when they struggle. I have heard parents shout

"your not a baby anymore behave like a big boy now".

Well this won't help at all so don't do it. When your toddler struggles to do something they will revert to behaving like a baby again. (I know a few men just like that)

They will get better the older they get and the more skills they develop. Such as language and other communication skills. So if your idea of toddler discipline is to go around yelling and screaming. Then don't be suprised if they grow up thinking that's the way to deal with stressful situations.

Take a look at the "Happy Child Guide" - How To Get Any Child To Stop Misbehavior and Listen

Good parenting skills

A good way to avoid difficult behavior is to plan ahead. Your toddler will not be a happy bunny if they are tired, hungry or have to spend a long time in a dirty diaper. So make sure they have had a sleep if your going out shopping or to a restaraunt. Carry some snacks in your bag and a spare diaper and wipes. All basic stuff but can help to keep everyone happy.

The rules that must be obeyed or else! Don't be a tyrant when it comes to toddler discipline but do have some simple and basic ground rules for your toddler to follow. They will know what to expect from you and what's expected of them. Toddlers need boundries it makes them feel safe and secure.

Giving lots of praise (to an adult it would be over the top and insincere) to a toddler is right. Also ignore them as much as possible when they are doing something wrong. So you are reinforcing the good and not the bad behavior. You may have to intervene sometimes to control the situation.

So what causes toddler tamtrums

Toddler tantrums happen for a reason not just because they want to play up. They have them because they are starting to:

toddler discipline

  • To have more confidence and know what they want

  • Are getting bored and want to see what they can get away with

  • Want to try new stuff even when they can't make it happen

  • Trying to deal with new emotions that they can't control

  • So how do you avoid having to do toddler discipline in the first place. The easy answer is planning ahead to lessen the chance of misbehavior.

  • Toddlers have short attention spans so get bored quickly. So have a toy or favorite book handy. If out and about then a drink and snack would be good to keep in your bag as well.

  • If you see a toddler tantrum starting then learning to distract them with "Ooh look at that" or say something they find funny. It can divert trouble alot of the time, so a good parenting skill to work on.

  • I know it sounds obvious but try not to take your toddler out if possible when they are not feeling well. You will both have a difficult time.

  • Make sure your child is well watered and fed before you set off on a trip. Hungry toddlers are not happy campers, and take a snack and drink if you are going to be some time.

  • Don't bribe your toddler with treats everytime they have a tantrum or you know they are going to have one. Treats are for special occasions, rewarding good behavior not bad.

  • Explain to your little one what you are going out for and why. It gets them involved with what's happening to them. Rather than just dragging them around with you. If shopping ask them to look out for things you want to buy. Even very young children will recognize things like milk and bread.

  • Terrible toddler temper tantrums

    Some toddlers seem to have worse temper tantrums than others. If your little angel is being more of a devil then try and stay calm. hold them close and talk quietly to them. Try and sooth them and calm them down.

    Then continue to hold them close until they calm down. You probably feel the whole world is looking at you and think they see you as a terrible parent. Really this is not what most parents think. We have all gone through this with our own kids. They will only think you have bad parenting skills if you let your toddler run riot or just give in straight away to their demands.

    If your toddler has got in the habit of screaming the house down every time you say no. Then you need to remain quiet and calm. If out shopping or another public place then you need to move somewhere more private and have time out and let them calm down.

    Once your child has calmed down and you can talk with them quietly. Then give them a big hug and tell them you still love them. Then forget about their behavior it won't help them if you keep reminding them of it. They don't really understand why they feel that way so logic has no place here. Even as adults are emotions can get the better of us.

    So the moral of this story if there is one, is that toddler discipline is entirely down to good communication. You as a parent learning to understand your toddler and read the signs. Life is not perfect and even with these parenting tips and advice you will still come across problems once in a while. But learning some or all of these good parenting skills will just make it so much easier on you both.

    Is your toddler going through the terrible twos ?

    Is your toddler driving you crazy no matter what you do ?

    Tried everything and listened to everyones advice (they will grow out of it) about how to handle it. ?

    Then take a look at what Chris Thompson has to say about how you should be "talking to toddlers". To follow his tips and advice Click Here! and find out what dramatic changes you can expect from your toddler.


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