toddler activities

toddler activities

Toddler potty training the Do's and the Don't

When it comes to toddler potty training it can seem like a thankless task in the beginning. It is tempting to give up when they just don't seem to be getting the hang of it. Having to clean up all the time and getting frustrated. So what can you do to help things move in the right direction. Well take a look here for some of my potty training tips and techniques.

toddler potty training

When is the right time for your toddler to stop using diapers or nappies ?

How will you teach them to use a toddler potty ?

You will find that most toddlers will be ready to start using a potty between 2 and 3 years old. however you will need to use a diaper or nappy during the night.

You will start to see signs when they are ready to start, such as:

  • Letting you know they want to wee.

  • Not having a wee quite as often as they have been.

  • Starting to pull their own pants down.

  • Starting to play with the potty you have left around. (you have left your potty out haven't you :-)
  • Toddler routine and toddler potty training

    Toddlers soon settle into a daily routine so note the times when they need their diaper or nappy changing. Then show them the toddler potty around these times to get their interest. Try and make a game of it. Keep this up until they make their first try. They will probably start to sit on their potty even when they don't want to go.

    potty training charts

    Keep a note of when they usually wet or soil their diaper or nappy. Then show them the potty just before these times. A week or two and they'll soon get used to the routine even if they don't start straight away.

    During toddler potty training

    It goes without saying there will be a few mishaps (well a lot more than a few) in the early days. So keep cool and have your cleaning stuff on the ready to clean up. Don't make your toddler feel bad about it after all it's new for them.

    Another thing to think about is the pants they wear over their diapers or nappies. Do make sure they are loose enough to pull down easily. Also keep the potty at the ready at all times, afer all when a toddlers gotta wee they gotta wee. No hanging on at this age.

    You could even let them have some time at home without clothes. They will find it a lot easier to use the potty this way.

    So finally mom don't loose your cool over a little mess during this potty training time. Just go with the flow and hopefully in a few weeks it will all be behind you. This is just one of the early child development stages you and your toddler go through. So make it as much fun as you can.

    Lastly a couple of potty training tips:

  • 1. No drinks just before bedtime.

  • 2. Toddlers to bed not to late so they are over tired and don't wake up when they need a wee.

  • Tried all of the above and still getting knowhere ?

    Then you should take a look at what Dr. Wayne Jensen (PhD (Med)) has to say about it. He guarantees you can potty train your toddler in as little as 1 to 3 days.

    He says the benefits of getting your toddler potty trained early are enormous. Not only financially but for health reasons as well.

    To find out more about what Dr Wayne Jensen has to say about potty training Click Here!


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