toddler activities

toddler activities

Create your own schedule for toddlers
to help your week run smoothly

You need to create your own schedule for toddlers if you feel the day just passes by and all the things you had planned never seem to get done.

I had many days like that especially when my child was a toddler, so I realised that drastic action was needed and found making a written schedule to get my life back on track worked for me. No two days are going to be exactly the same of cause. However we all have those chores that have to be done come what may. Such as grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning.

Toddlers love routine knowing what is going to happen and when. It gives them a sense of security and an understanding of the world around them. Children like to have a routine but more importantly mom's not only like it to but need it to keep their sanity.

I have put below some tips below on how you can organise your day more productively. So not only the chores get done, but also freeing up time for you and your toddler to have some fun constructive time as well.

  • Regular getting up
  • Regular meal times( breakfast , lunch and dinner)
  • visits to the shops, park( again this will depend on how you do your shopping but toddlers love the park and shopping can be fun)
  • Regular nap time for your toddler
  • Regular bed time routine(bathtime, pj's, story)

  • There is a daily schedule sheet below that you can print off and fill in yourself to suit your day. Also I have pre-filled in a sample to give you some ideas on how to use it. If you have older children going off to school remeber to add this into your daily schedule for toddlers.

    Everyones life changes from week to week so certain tasks will pop up that you have not allowed for. So you need to leave some small gaps in your week for these unexpected events. If the unexpected does'nt happen, then great more playtime.

    Just click on the PDF images below to download and print off. Print enough to cover the next week.

    schedule for toddlers schedule for toddlers


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