toddler activities

toddler activities

water games for kids are simply the best
kids summer outdoor games

The best water games for kids are are firstly fun activities for toddlers and kids of any age.

Kids just love messing around with water, so organize a few games for them on a hot sunny day. You will need some or all of this stuff depending on the toddler games you are playing.

When it comes to kids summer outdoor games you won't find then having a better time than messing around with water. These have been voted the most fun outdoor games for kids. don't believe me, then ask a toddler :-)

A lot of the things you will need you probably have around the house. Anything else you can borrow from friends or family.

* Important * Important * Important *

It goes without saying but I'm going to say it anyway. When children are playing with water they must be supervised at all times.

A child can drown in just an inch of water. So if possible have more than one adult present to help keep them safe and sound. Just in case there is a knock at the door or the phone rings

Stuff you will need for these toddler games

  • Kids paddling pool
  • buckets (various sizes)
  • plastic bowls and jugs (various sizes)
  • Empty squeezy bottles
  • Bath toys
  • Hoola hoops
  • sponges (various sizes)
  • paint brushes (new or old)
  • Hose pipe
  • Sprinkler

  • Rescue Me!

    These are fun and simple water games for kids to play outdoors. Simply place a few bath toys in the bottom of several empty buckets and bowls.

    Then give your toddler a small jug and tell them to fill the buckets and bowls as quick as possible to get the bath toys to float to the top.

    Then they can rescue the toys using only thier bare feet. Kids just love this water game.

    Wet sponge game

    For this game you need few sponges, they can be different sizes or all the same. Also you will need a bucket of water ready to soak the sponges in.

    Next you will need three or four hoola hoops of different colors. Place these close together a few feet away from the bucket and sponges.

    You now tell the kids to throw a sponge into the yellow hoop. Then the red hoop and so on counting as they go. This game helps them understand colors and numbers. It also helps with thier gross motor skills by learning how to co-ordinate thier throwing.

    Sprinkler statues

    This is a super easy but great game to play with even the youngest children. Set up your sprinlker in the middle of your lawn.

    Then have the kids jump and dance around in swimming costumes or shorts and T shirts. Then mom or dad turns the water on quickly every couple of minutes.

    The idea of the water games for kids is for the kids to stand as still as possible when the sprinkler starts. Then stay still till it stops again. you can play this game until the kids get fed up with it.

    Who's the best shot ?

    For this game you need a queezy bottle for each child. I tend to use small washing up liquid bottles (so save the empties). You will also need a bucket or two handy full with water for refills.

    Now you need either a low wall or a bench to sit some small light plastic toys and or small balls on. These are to be the targets that get quirted.

    Now you need to line up the kids a few feet from the bench with the targets. then let them loose and see how many toys and balls they can knock off. Obviously the kids will end up quirting everything and everybody before they're finished :-)

    Paint the house

    This is good way to keep the kids occupied for an hour. Simply give them a small bucket with water and few old paint brushes. Then let them loose to paint the house and anything else they want. It's a silly game that toddlers will love to do.

    This is another game that helps in developing thier gross motor skills. Gripping and handling the brushes.


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