toddler activities

toddler activities

Toddler stories and what makes
good short stories for kids

What are the best toddler stories to read to your child and why ?

This all depends on thier age so for children:

toddler stories

1. Around 2 years old: Storytime is usually a one on one affair and they need short simple stories about things and people they know. Everyday stuff like "mummy and me went to the park and played on the swing, etc...." or "mummy, daddy and me went to the shops and got some lovely dinner".

So keep the toddler stories short, simple and about things and people they know. They love stories about pets.

2. Around 3 years old: They can listen to stories with friends or siblings at this age. Still keep the stories simple and fairly short. They still need to be about people and things they know. They like stories about favorite toys like teddy bears or dolls and also kids tv characters.

3. Around 3 to 4 years old: Now children like stories with a plot "like little red riding hood" and the "big bad wolf". They are now old enough to follow he story and get involved with the characters. They can now understand about things and people that are not just in their immediate life. They like simple stories about thier favorite characters being silly or naughty.

4. Starting school: They now understand the difference between "real and make believe". They now can enjoy and appreciate funny stories and see what's funny about them. They like stories about children doing exciting things with their families or friends. They are now old enough to appreciate the classic childrens stories and fairy tales we all know.

If you're looking for some great kids inspirational stories. Then it's well worth having a look at these.

It's not only what you say but the way you say it !

  • So don't read too fast, keep a nice steady flow.

  • Put plenty of expression into your face and voice.

  • Vary your voice from soft, loud, husky or a whisper to suit the story.

  • Whispers let children know that something is about to happen.

  • Don't be shy about making all kinds of noises to fit the story. Such as car engine or horn. trees rustling.

  • Why is story time is so important for toddler language development ?

    To start storytime is just great fun for you and your toddler. Also it helps your toddler to learn how to put words together. Such as saying "more milk" or "play with toys". Later they learn how to speak in short sentences. Such as "I feel hungry" or I want a buscuit".

    So listening to you telling stories in simple terms helps them to learn simple communication. They learn simply by listening to you and not by formal teaching.

    How do you Get started for storytime ?

    You need to have a toddler routine for storytime that always strts the same way. Here are a few of the things that I do to get things started in the right way.

  • Around the same time each day, some days it could change but try for a routine time.

  • The same place each day, somewhere comfrtable like your favorite chair.

  • Settling down and getting comfy also being quiet.

  • In an area with no distractions, that means TV off.

  • Knowing the story you intend to read, it helps to keep a smooth flow to the storytime.

  • All these things help to reinforce that storytime is important and a special time. So your little one will more likely to co-operate with you. When you ask them to do something prior to starting. Such as we have to tidy all the toys away before the storytime.

    Toddler storytelling tips (aged 2 - 3 years)

  • Start with short simple stories for kids especially toddlers as they have a short attention span.

  • If making a toddler story up, then choose charcters from people they know or familiar animals like pets.

  • Include events that are happening in your toddlers day to day lives as part of the story.

  • Make a few notes on a piece of paper the first few times to give you reminders of which direction your story should be going.

  • Know before you start where your story is going to end. So work out a happy ending to your story before you start.

  • The most important storytelling tip is...."Enjoy it as much as the children will".

  • Toddler storytelling tips (aged 3 - 5 years)

  • Start with storybooks that have lots of pictures to engage your child.

  • Children at this age are more ready for stories with a start, middle and ending. So more detail but not too much.

  • Read the book before hand so when you tell the story it flows well. In certain areas you may amend to suit the child.

  • Tell the story with lots of expression on your face and tone in your voice. Keep looking at your child as you tell the story. You will be able to see if they are enjoying it or not.

  • Funny stories for kids that engage your childs imagination also classic stories like the "little red riding hood" story go down a storm with toddlers. They love books of fairy tales by Hans Christian Anderson.

    Especially when you get them involved with "interactive stories for kids" where they play a part in the way the story unfolds. I cannot stress enough the value of storytelling for early child development.

    So which childrens books are the best ?

    For children to enjoy books they need a varied selction to choose from, however they will have their favorites. Here are a few ideas to help when choosing books for your little one.

  • Simply books they find enjoyable and entertaining.

  • Books that tell stories about real life, people and places.

  • Books about nature and the weather.

  • Fianlly books that have some great illustrations and stories.

  • Some books for young children are just complete rubbish. They have poor pictures and little or no literary content. So check them out first or read the reviews if buying online. Also remember if you want your child to grow up believing books are special.

    Then you need to have a special place for them where they are kept clean and organized. After storytime they must always be put back in their special place ready for the next toddler stories time.

    Again If you're looking for some great kids inspirational stories. Then it's well worth having a look at these.


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