toddler activities

toddler activities

Which Preschool math activity will your
toddler enjoy the most ?

Choose a free preschool math activity here, there are a few to choose from. There's lots of really great stuff to print off and enjoy.

These preschool worksheets are great toddler learning activities as well as just fun activities for toddlers. Simply click on and print off it's that simple.

Your little ones will pick up how to do these preschool math activities really quickly. It's all about being repetative, fortunately kids love doing fun things over and over again.

All these printables are designed to be fun math games for kids.

Looking for some online preschool alphabet activities Then take a look at these kids games to play online your little one will love them.

Printable number pages

free preschool printable worksheets

These are just cartoon character numbers 1 to 10 that you can print out and stick on the wall at home.

Just seeing them on a daily basis will help with number recognition. This is especially true when used with other preschool math activities and fun math games for kids.

Trace the numbers

free preschool printable worksheets

This is a fun math activty that combines with preschool writing using the dots to follow the shape of the numbers. This kids math activity helps a lot co-ordination and with recognition of numbers.

kids will love doing this activity time and again. When your little ones first start this don't expect a lot it will take quite a few attempts before they get the hang of it.

Connect the numbers

With this preschool math activity your toddler has to try and draw a line between the numbers. Get them to start at 1 and draw a line to number 2 and then 3 all the way to 10.

To make it a little more interesting toddler math activity the numbers are mixed up just a little. It will take most toddlers quite a few attempts before they can complete this preschool worksheets

Not to worry though as they will have a lot of fun trying.

How many are there ?

free preschool printables

With this fun prescool math activity your toddler has to count how many of each item there are.

To help a little there are 3 answers to choose from, just ask them to draw a circle around the one they think is right.

Again in the beginning don't worry about how many they get right or wrong. Make it a fun math game for kids and they will keep doing it again and again until they get the hang of it.

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Still looking for some more preschool math activties ?

Then take a look at these ABC Spelling and Math Games your little one can play online.


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