toddler activities

toddler activities

Outdoor games for kids that are perfect
for preschool party games

Looking for the best outdoor games for kids that are firstly great fun activities for kids ?, While also at the same time giving them exercise and keep them healthy.

If your having a toddler party and the weathers fine. Then what better way than to have it outdoors and the kids outdoor games as well.

Circle games are a real winner at toddler parties, especially games like "pass the parcel".

Kids also love preschool kids games that don't really have a winner such as "follow my leader", "musical pillows" and "balloon popping".

Pass the parcel

This is real old traditional game for preschool kids played for generations. You probably know exactly how it goes, but for the few that might not I will give a quick run down.

outdoor games for kids

First before the party take a small present of some kind. Maybe a small toy or a bag of candy. Then wrap it completely in paper and tape up. Then wrap again completely with more paper and tape up again.

Repeat this 6 to 10 times, more the older the children are as very young toddlers will lose attention and become bored quicker.

Now get the children to sit in a close circle and the game can begin. Start playing some music for a minute or so and get the kids to pass the parcel from one to the other passing it in a circle.

When the music stops, the child holding the parcel removes one layer of paper. Then restart the music and passing the parcel continues for a minute or so again.

Keep stopping the music and letting the holding child remove a layer of paper until finally one child opens the final layer of paper. They are they are the winner, however have a consolation prize for all the other children for taking part in these kind of outdoor games for kids and being good sports.

Musical games for kids

For this game you will need some music that you can turn on and off quickly. THen you will need a pillow for each child who is playing the game.

outdoor games for kids

To start the game you need all the children in a circle facing each other sat on a pillow about a foot apart. Then start the music and get the children to walk in a circle.

When the music suddenly stops the children have to sit down as quickly as possible on the pillow nearest to them. The first time is a practic run, however on the next turn take away a pillow.

Now the fun starts one more child than pillows, so the child without a cushion has to sit on the knee of the nearest child. You keep playing and stopping the music and removing a pillow each time.

More children have to find a knee to sit on. At the end of the game you have a pile of children all trying to sit on one pillow. I'm sure you can see how funny this game ends up being. The kids think these kind of toddler activities are absolutely hilarious.

Follow my leader

A really silly game but preschool kids love playing these kind of outdoor games for kids. All the better for being outside as there is lots more room.

Either you or someone you nominate starts the game by dancing, skipping or walking funny. then everyone has to follow copying the leader.

Then after a shrt while swap and let someone else be the leader. The game carries on until they get fed up and want to play something else.

A real fun balloon game

outdoor games for kids

The balloon popping game "poppit" is a real fun game for toddler outdoor play. Things you will need are an empty kiddie pool and plenty of balloon blowing :-)

After you have inflated lots of balloons and had a lie down to recover, fill the kiddie pool with them. The reason for the pool is to keep the balloons under control some kind of control.

Now the next and final step in this game(you've guessed it) let the kids loose and the balloon popping begins until there are no balloons left to pop.


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