toddler activities

toddler activities

Music activities for kids to enjoy and learn

The best Music activities for kids can cover many different things. All the way from making their own simple toddler musical instruments. Down to christmas carols for kids and everything else in between. So here are a few ideas for toddler music to help you get started.

kids free music

FREE kids music can be found everywhere around your home these days. Childrens TV for a start.

  • Many toddler TV programs have sing and dance along sessions.

  • Then there are Free kids CD's that you can get for signing up to certain website newsletters

  • Also you can get free kids music downloads from numerous wesites.

  • ........................Simply do an internet search to find some that you like.

    music activities for kids

    Music and early child development

    You probably won't be suprised to learn that music is a major factor in your little ones early child development.

    It helps with many areas because the inner ear is responsible co-ordination and balance. Listening to music with a beat helps make them more co-ordinated over a period of time.

    Kids really enjoy things like dancing and clapping in time to the music. They also from a very early age love to use rattles or bang on things to create music (noise to us at times).

    Toddler musical instruments

    You can make simple toddler musical instruments together with your toddler from every day items.

    Save some small plastic bottles as you can fill these with dried rice or past shells. Both of these will make a different sound. Then there is the old favourite "pans and a wooden spoon" (for as long as you can stand the noise).

    musical games for kids

    music games for kids can be a perfect way to make music activities for kids. You can play the old time favorite pass the parcel to music. You can play musical statues and another old timer is musical bumps or musical cushions as I call it. Take a look here to find out more about these toddler games.

    christmas carols for kids

    kids christmas carols are another perfect way to introduce kids to toddler misic and singing. They just love getting involved with all things to do with Christmas. There is nothing more heart warming than seeing your toddler singing in the Kindergarden or nursery carol concert.

    Take a look at this short video showing a cute little girl singing "Twinkle twinkle little star" you will love it. This is great fun and a great toddler learning activity.

    I bet you could'nt help smiling while you watched her could honest now :-)


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