toddler activities

toddler activities

These kids outdoor camp games
are great fun outdoor games for kids

Kids outdoor camp games are well...everything to young children. Everythings outdoor games for kids to them at the campsite from helping to put up the tent or trailer to unpacking the car. So let them get involved as much as possible.
kids outdoor camp games

After all we all learn by doing, as much if not even more than being taught.

I know we all want to get organized as quick as possible, it's in our nature to be in a hurry with everyday life.

But you're on a camping break so slow down and enjoy the time with your littles ones, as they won't be that little for long!

It's good sometimes though to organize some real camp games for kids to keep them busy while you get chance to have a rest.

So I have put a few kids summer outdoor games here that I have played with the kids on many a camping trip, play and enjoy!

Worm hunt

kids outdoor camp games

What child does'nt love finding a worm, even the girls that usually go EEEUUUWWW when they wiggle.

Get your toddlers to go and look for some worms around the campsite. The best places to find them are under medium size stones or rocks.

Ask them to find the longest worm in the world. The boys will want something to collect them in so beware you may have a new pet.

Frisbee throwing

Another simple kids outdoor camp games that toddlers love is throwing a frisbee. Even better if there are three or more players as you can throw to differnt players everytime.

Your toddlers will learn how to hold, throw and keep their balance with this game. It also helps their concentration having to watch where the frisbee is going to land and chasing after it. So this is a great toddler outdoor play idea that will burn off plenty of energy.

What's the biggest ? the smallest ?

This is a really simple and fun toddler game that gets them thinking. Tell them to look around the campsite and tell you what the biggest thing is they can see.

kids outdoor camp games

uhmmm lovely bar b q

Then ask the next child what the biggest thing is they can see. A grownup will have to give the questions and be the judge.

You can ask questions like:

  • What is the biggest thing you can see
  • What is the smallest thing you can see
  • Can you see a square
  • Can you see a circle
  • Can you see something blue, green, yellow

  • You get the idea of how it goes, great toddler activities and educational games for kids at the same time. Smart and happy kids what more could any parent want :-)


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