toddler activities

toddler activities

card games for kids

Free card games for kids, find some of my favorites below here for you to try for yourself. I just know from many years experience that toddlers just love simple little games like these. So read on and find out why these are really good games for kids to play and enjoy.

I know you can play toddler games online with your little one. I also know it's tempting to let your toddler play free kids games online, after all it costs nothing and keeps them occupied for awhile.

So what's the problem and where's the harm ?

The problem is a little further down the road with your toddlers early child development. To put it in a nutshell "toddler social skills" and a lack of them. So am I saying computers bad and real games good, No just not too much of one or the other. These kids card games are not only good fun but they are toddler learning activities as well.

They learn about shapes and colors, they also learn about groups of things and simple numbers and letters with abc flash cards and number coloring pages.

Also With these free printable kids games they get to learn those all important social skills. Such as talking, listening and taking turns. Also learning to understand others feelings and empathy. These are life skills that toddlers can only learn by interaction with other children and adults.

With very young toddlers they won't usually play games one on one with other children.They tend to play side by side but not together (paralell play). Yet will interact one on one with an adult who engages their attention and interest. A lot of the benefits of these card games are seen when played regularly. To start with don't be suprised it your toddler just doesn't seem to get it.

Just try another toddler game there are plenty of printable games for kids to choose from on this site. They will find one that catches your childs imagination and build from there. It might start from shapes, colors or simply toddler matching games. After all every child is different, so don't stress about it just play at something else. Most of all have FUN after all they won't stay this young for long.

One day you will wake up and they will have chosen your nursing home for you. There's a nice thought to finish on :-)

Click on any of the images to download your number sheets. You'll need to cut the sheet into 4, then let your toddler or toddlers color them in. Then you can use them as flash card and repeat the numbers to your children. You can even stick them on the wall for them to look at. A good idea if you have any handy is to print them on thin card. It just makes them easier to handle.

card games for kids card games for kids card games for kids

You will need Adobe pdf reader to view and print these pictures. You can download it for Free here Get adobe reader.

I hope you all have as much fun with these card games for kids as I have.


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